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Day Nursery Friday Faces: Making a fruit pizza

The students in Ms. Laura and Ms. Katrina’s preschool class at Day Nursery Northwest on W. 73rd Street in Pike Township, have been trying new fruits this week to see what they like. To wrap up the week, the class made a fruit pizza as a special treat. The bright colors in the fruit bowl reminded them of a rainbow. Eating a full rainbow of foods regularly helps give your body the nutrients it needs. In addition to fiber, vitamins and minerals, naturally colored foods contain powerful nutrients called phytochemicals. While the three-year-olds aren’t likely to remember that term, they will remember their favorite fruits and the beautiful colorful snack they helped make today.Day Nursery preschoolers prepare base of fruit pizzaDay Nursery preschoolers mix the ingredients for their fruit pizzaDay Nursery preschoolers adding blueberries to the fruit bowlDay Nursery students spread the mixed fruit across the cream cheese base of their fruit pizza

Day Nursery Indianapolis Friday Faces

Here’s a great Friday Faces shot courtesy of  teacher Alex Groves of our Day Nursery Northwest Center in Pike Township. The infants in her room were having fun enjoying exploring the foam blocks together that Miss Alex set out for them.  While we don’t have any openings for infants at this time at Day Nursery Northwest, we are accepting names for the waiting list. We do, however, have openings for toddlers and preschoolers through age 6.  Call 291-8048 for more information.Three Day Nursery infants sitting on floor playing with foam blocks.

Day Nursery Federal Center students picnic with teddy bears

supplies for teddy bear picnic

Ms. Kesha and Ms. Julia’s 2 ½ year old room from the Day Nursery Federal Center downtown went across to Veteran’s Park for a teddy bear picnic today.  They had Teddy Grams snacks and juice with their teddy bears and read the book Teddy Bear Picnic while they were there.

Day Nursery two year olds having teddy bear picnicDay Nursery Indianapolis Federal student with teddy bearDNFed2Day Nursery Indianapolis Federal Center students listening to story while in the park for teddy bear picnic

Friday Faces: Day Nursery Hendricks County

A new outdoor classroom debuted this week at the Day Nursery Avon Center! Thanks to teacher Matt Miller for sharing these pictures. The outdoor classroom had a mud pie kitchen, fly swatter painting, bubbles and a sensory table. Future improvements include adding a digging area and a reading area.outdoor preschool classroom

Week of the Young Child: Day Nursery Federal Center

All week the Day Nursery Federal Center has encouraged families to come read to their child’s class as part of our Week of the Young Child celebration.  Fatimah’s father came to read The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle to the Toddler 3’s class today.  Fatimah wore her Hungry Caterpillar dress yesterday for Book Character Day, and the pair passed out Hungry Caterpillar stickers to the class as well.  The class was very engaged in the story, and wanting to know if the Caterpillar’s tummy hurt, sharing what things they like to eat, and counting the number of things he ate.

fatimah's dadfatimah's dad 2

Day Nursery preschooler expands vocabulary through cooking

It is not every day that you see a Day Nursery student “mincing” playdoh hot dogs. This Northwest Center student loves to pretend to cook. She rolls out the playdoh in a hot dog shape and then carefully minces it with a plastic knife. Her teacher, Shanna Nowosielski says she chose the word mince herself to describe what she’s doing.

Day Nursery Northwest Indianapolis student pretending to cook with food made out of playdough

Day Nursery toddlers search for St Paddy’s Day gold

Ms. Syretta and Ms. Shelly’s toddlers at the Day Nursery IU Health Early Care and Education Center enjoyed their day of green and search for gold in honor of St Patrick’s Day.

Day Nursery toddlers celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Day Nursery toddlers celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Day Nursery toddlers playing with pot of "gold"