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Day Nursery preschooler expands vocabulary through cooking

It is not every day that you see a Day Nursery student “mincing” playdoh hot dogs. This Northwest Center student loves to pretend to cook. She rolls out the playdoh in a hot dog shape and then carefully minces it with a plastic knife. Her teacher, Shanna Nowosielski says she chose the word mince herself to describe what she’s doing.

Day Nursery Northwest Indianapolis student pretending to cook with food made out of playdough

Downtown Indianapolis preschoolers enjoy annual Easter Egg Hunt

The Pre-k class at the Day Nursery Federal Center made their own paper mâché baskets for their annual egg hunt on the playground yesterday.  Sarah Parks, center director sent the photo and  big thank you to Mother Nature for the sun!!

Day Nursery student shows off her Easter basket during egg hunt on the preschooler's playground.

Light center gives Day Nursery preschoolers a new outlet for learning

Preschoolers in Matt Miller‘s classroom at the Day Nursery Hendricks County Early Learning Center in Avon are eagerly waiting for their turn to play at the light table in their classroom’s new “Light Studio.” Mr. Matt created a small learning center where children can experiment with light and shadow using light tables, overhead projectors, mirrors, flashlights and any other materials that catches their eye! Thanks to Matt for sharing this picture of Shannon and Brayden enjoying the classroom’s new learning center.

Day Nursery preschoolers experimenting with a light table

Too Cute Tuesday: Building a great education at Day Nursery Northwest

Children learn so many things from block play. They learn to work cooperatively and  problem solve. They experience math concepts like patterning, height, weight, balance, symmetry, and  cause effect in a developmentally appropriate manner. Block play enhances the physical areas of coordination, visual perception, motor development, spatial orientation, and fine motor coordination.  Thanks to Day Nursery Northwest Center teacher Shanna Nowosielski for sharing these pictures of her students.

Day Nursery Indianapolis children building with blocksDay Nursery Indianapolis children building with blocksDay Nursery Indianapolis children building with blocks

Day Nursery toddlers explore 5 senses through ketchup

The toddlers at the Day Nursery Hendricks County Early Care and Education Center are exploring the color red this week.  Here are a few pictures of them  “painting” with ketchup.  Activities like these are planned as links to the foundations of the Indiana Academic Standards for Young Children (Science-using 5 senses to learn about the environment and Visual Arts-delight in the touch and feel of materials rather than what is being produced).

Aniken painting with ketchupBethany painting with ketchup

Play helps toddler understand how the world works

Indiana’s Academic Standards for Young Children tell us that early geometry concepts involve position and movement of self and items. To a child, this is a step in understanding how the world works.    Benjamin went around his classroom at the Day Nursery IU Health Center recently gathering items to put into his plastic jar, pushed the baby doll repeatedly to get it to fit inside the jar, even attempting to put the lid on top when he felt the baby was inside enough. Benjamin spent about 20 minutes on this play process.



Too Cute Tuesday: Day Nursery infants make new friends


Day Nursery IU Health Center infants