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Day Nursery toddlers search for St Paddy’s Day gold

Ms. Syretta and Ms. Shelly’s toddlers at the Day Nursery IU Health Early Care and Education Center enjoyed their day of green and search for gold in honor of St Patrick’s Day.

Day Nursery toddlers celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Day Nursery toddlers celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Day Nursery toddlers playing with pot of "gold"

Day Nursery Indiana Government Center preschoolers learn through lemonade sales

In the shadow of the Indiana State Capitol building, Mr. Tim’s preschool class is learning valuable life lessons through lemonade.  Students in this and our other 6 Day Nursery centers have been working on becoming entrepreneurs through the national Lemonade Day program.  Although the Lemonade Day officially is Saturday, our teachers took advantage of the curriculum materials that come with the bright yellow Lemonade Day backpacks to bring the lessons into their classroom and make it a group learning experience.  From learning new vocabulary words (can you say customer service?) t0 learning how to count change, Day Nursery students have been busy with preparations for their sale.  Yesterday I had a chance to see Mr. Tim Tegarden’s class in action and taste their product (delicious!).  Tim shared pictures of the process his class went through to launch their business and even included documentation boards behind his stand so the customers might appreciate the valuable lessons his students learned this week. Judging by the smiles on the faces of the students (and the amount of money they had stuffed in their bank), Lemonade Day was a success.  And, for Mr. Tim, it was a great day for him too. “This is why I love to teach,” he said.

Firefighter Brian visits preschoolers at Day Nursery Federal Building

Firefighter showing children his gearFirefighter Brian Booth (aka preschool 1 teacher Ms Kesha‘s husband) from the Indianapolis Airport Fire Department visited our Preschool classes today at the Day Nursery Federal Building downtown.  He came in regular clothes, and then put on his equipment one piece at a time, so the children saw that firefighters aren’t someone to be afraid of.  He explained what each piece does, and talked about things they aren’t supposed to play with–like lighters and matches.  Since he couldn’t bring the fire trucks to the Federal building, he did bring pictures of his trucks instead.  The children’s favorite part was when they got to try on Firefighter Brian’s equipment! Center Director Sarah Parks said Brian’s visit prompted a lot of good conversation among the students: Firefighter Brian asked what should you do if your clothes catch on fire?  One Pre-K student raised his hand, and when Brian called on him he said “Panic!!”  So that led to the discussion that you don’t need to panic, you need to stop, drop, and roll.  After Brian’s explanation, another Pre-K student says—“So you’re saying we shouldn’t panic?  But roll around on the ground instead?”  

Firefighter Brian Booth