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Day Nursery preschooler expands vocabulary through cooking

It is not every day that you see a Day Nursery student “mincing” playdoh hot dogs. This Northwest Center student loves to pretend to cook. She rolls out the playdoh in a hot dog shape and then carefully minces it with a plastic knife. Her teacher, Shanna Nowosielski says she chose the word mince herself to describe what she’s doing.

Day Nursery Northwest Indianapolis student pretending to cook with food made out of playdough

Day Nursery State Center preschoolers go to Farmers Market

Ms. Ashleigh Smith’s Preschool 2 classroom at the Day Nursery Indiana State Government Center has been working on a lesson in commerce. These three-year-olds have had “jobs” for which they were paid. They then created a savings account for their “earnings”. Today, they then went to the market and learned from the vendor how to pick out good produce. They shopped at the farmer’s market in front of the  Government Center.  Patty Fisher, Day Nursery Director of Center Administration noted the children learned about economics and social studies all rolled into an experience that has a good and yummy result.

Students make volcanos during Hawaiian Week

volcano1Students in Tim Tegarden’s Preschool 5 class at the Day Nursery State Government Center got a hands-on lesson about the geography of Hawaii last week.  Using plaster of paris, bowls and toilet paper rolls they created volcanos after discussing what life is like on the islands.  This project was a lesson in  3D art as well as a science project. 


New Day Nursery center opening soon in Pike Township

Center Director Marla Segal (l) and Office Manager (r) Shannon Taylor check out of the progress on the Preschool 4 classroom.

Center Director Marla Segal (l) and Office Manager (r) Shannon Taylor check out of the progress on the Preschool 4 classroom.

Here’s a little sneak peek of the new Day Nursery Northwestcenter scheduled to open in two weeks in Park 100.  The staff and families at our Guion Road center are packing up and moving to a beautiful new location at 5735 W. 73rd Street.  The new building will have 3 more classrooms so we are currently enrolling new students.  We especially want to get the word out about our full day kindergarten program at this location.  The Northwest center will be featured on the blog this Friday with lots of pictures to share.  If you can’t wait to find out more, call Marla or Shannon at 291-8048.

Becoming literate doesn’t just happen

img_0885The foundation for learning in our Day Nursery classrooms comes from The Creative Curriculum®  which has been developed by a company called Teaching Strategies over the past 30 years.  Parents who are shopping for a preschool are often drawn to Day Nursery because we are NAEYC accredited and because we utilize The Creative Curriculum®.   According to Teaching Strategies, there are two features that distinguish The Creative Curriculum from other approaches: their organizational structure and their focus on interest areas.  In a classroom where children are beginning to learn how to read you will see Day Nursery teachers promoting literacy learning in the 11 interest areas that you will find in each preschool classroom. For example, in the Cooking area, literacy is explored using pictures and words on recipe cards and through talk about  words and letters on the food containers during a cooking activity.  In the Discovery area, children will find science related books on hand so they can explore more about the insects, plants or seeds that might be on hand.  They will also have paper and markers available for recording their observations.  In the Music and Movement area, children can be found using instruments for the sound effects in a story read by their teacher or working with the teacher to write words to their favorite song on a chart.   Becoming literate just doesn’t happen.  It requires teachers and parents thoughtfully and purposefully interacting with children and offering activities that support emerging literacy.