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Day Nursery Friday Faces: Indiana State Center

Two year olds at Day Nursery State Center made their own smores today. When young children do activities like these they improve their fine motor skills and cognitive development for understanding processess. They are also learning about science and cooking.

Want to help spread the word about Day Nursery? Then Get On Board!

Are you passionate about serving your community and interested in participating in a significant way? Then Get on Board is for you! 

Interact with nonprofit organizations from across central Indiana looking for community-minded leaders at this annual event, scheduled for Monday, October 4 at Conseco Fieldhouse from 4:00-6:30 pm.  Get on Board provides a chance to learn about leadership volunteer opportunities and potential board positions.  Day Nursery will be located at table #16.  Here is a link to the event program.

 Get on Board is a one-stop-shop for qualified, passionate individuals looking to increase their civic involvement at a leadership level.  In addition, it is a turnkey opportunity for organizations with board vacancies to interact with hundreds of potential board members all in a single evening.  Since its inception nine years ago, this premier community event has infused more than 2,000 new board members, committee members and volunteers into the local non-profit community.

 Register now! The event is open to the community. Don’t miss your chance to make a difference in Indianapolis.

Day Nursery Preschool Pirates

Students at Day Nursery Hendricks County got a head start celebrating National Talk Like a Pirate Day (which is today in case you haven’t had a chance to check your social calendar aaarrrrgggggggggg).  Last Friday, the students (and a few brave teachers) dressed up like pirates and played the part. Next week it will be backward day at the Avon Center.  Can’t wait to see what they come up with! If you would like your child to get a great head start on their education, come take a tour of this beautiful center located on the campus of IU Health West Hospital.  The center is open to the public and we are currently enrolling new students.

Day Nursery Friday Faces

Today’s face of Day Nursery comes from our Ruth A. Lilly Center.  Center Director Shannon Garrity shared the photo and her observation of the moment.

This is one of our new toddlers using scissors for the first time. It is one of my favorite pictures. I think it depicts exactly what we are talking about when we say a learning environment through play and exploration.

Child using scissors for the first time

Day Nursery students line up for school pictures

Apryl Napier of Dimensions Photography captures another smile at the Day Nursery Ruth A. Lilly center picture day.

Three centers down and 4 to go!  The Day Nursery center calendars are always busy in the fall and one of the most important dates to circle is Picture Day.  Our Avon, Federal and Ruth A. Lilly Centers have completed their pictures and today is the first of three days at our IU Health Center downtown.  The State Center pictures are scheduled for September 21-23; the Ft. Harrison Center for October 6 & 7 and our Northwest Center pictures wrap up the list on October 13 & 14.  Joslyn Sullivan who works with our Child Care Answers program shared a funny story from her daughter’s picture day at our Avon Center.  When asked if she would like to take a picture with her Mommy, little Lillianna, almost 3 said “No Mommy, I would like to smile alone.”

Day Nursery Ft. Harrison Crazy Hair Day

Happy Friday!  Here are some Day Nursery Friday Faces from the Toddler 3 classroom at our Start Smart 4 Children Center at Ft. Harrison where it is Crazy Hair Day. Enjoy!