Stone Soup provides Day Nursery preschoolers a delicious opportunity for learning

January is National Soup Month, and Ms Tomi and Ms. Jannel’s preschool class at our IU Health Center read the story ‘Stone Soup’ with the children, a story about working together for a common goal and the ‘magic’ that can bring to a person/group/community. The children then made the soup together, discussing math skills in measurement and cutting. The children then sat together to eat the soup for snack, this gave them the opportunity to build language skills and build relationships with their peers. Thanks to Assistant Center Director Amy Cavin for sharing this great learning experience!

Day Nursery Indianapolis students

Day Nursery Indianapolis students add ingredients to soup

Day Nursery Indianapolis students cut pretend vegetables in the dramatic play area

Students practice making soup in the dramatic play area of their classroom.

Day Nursery students enjoy "stone soup" at snack time.

Day Nursery preschoolers enjoy the soup they made together.


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