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Day Nursery Pumpkin Cuties

The infants in Ms. Colleen’s room at Day Nursery Hendricks County center on the campus of IU Health West had great fun exploring pumpkins in their classroom.  So many senses to use!  If you know any families with young children who live or work near the Marion/Hendricks County line,  please make sure they know about this beautiful center.  It is open to the public.

Day Nursery Indianapolis Annual Meeting

The Day Nursery Association of Indianapolis held its Annual Meeting October 23, 2012 at the Tabernacle Presbyterian Church on Central Avenue.  During the first half of the meeting, new board members were elected, retiring board members were saluted and community volunteers and donors were honored. The second hour of the board meeting was filled with recognition of Day Nursery staff.  Here’s a recap of the staff who were honored.

Day Nursery Indianapolis Staff 5 years of service award

Day Nursery Staff honored for 5 Years of Service Sherri Shidler* (Avon), Nichole Blackwell (Avon), Larissa Freeman* (Avon), Rhonda Ostrum (Avon), Vanessa Shenfeld (Avon), Gaye Ireland (Child Care Answers), Amy Cavin (IU Health), Tammia Sanders* (IU Health), Syretta Warren (IU Health), Rhonda Roberts (Lilly), Twannette Harrington* (State) *indicates they are included in this photo

Day Nursery Indianapolis staff honored for 10 years of service

Day Nursery Staff honored for 10 Years of Service Matt Miller* (Avon), Joslyn Hurm-Sullivan* (Child Care Answers), Cathy Johnson* (Admin), Kimberly Townsend* (Fort), Neila Raine (IU Health), Shelly Anderson* (State) *indicates they are pictured in this photo

Marsha Hearn Lindsey Day Nursery Indianapolis

Day Nursery Chief Operating Officer Marsha Hearn Lindsey was honored for 20 years of service to Day Nursery. She is pictured here with board member Ivan Hoffman.

Melinda Memmer Day Nursery Indianapolis IU Health Center

Congratulations to Day Nursery IU Health Center Office Manager Melinda Memmer who was honored for 25 years of service

Day Nursery Indianapolis staff with more than 20 years of service

These staff members were recognized for 20+ Years of Service: Sally Coombs* (Lilly Center 21 years), Cheryl Knierim* (Avon Center 21 years) Eva Johnson (Northwest Center 24 years), Colleen White* (Avon Center 28 years), Teresa Carter* (Fort Center 31 years), Jesse McCloud (State Center 32 years), Jackie Williams* (Avon Center 32 years), Joyce Martin* (Nurse Practitioner 32 years), and Anita Jones (Lilly Center 38 years) *indicates they are included in this photo

Day Nursery Indianapolis Annual Meeting Educational Achievement Awards

These staff members were recognized for their Educational Achievements:
Shannon Ford, Master of Science – Education (Child Care Answers); Sylvia Harris*, Associate of Science-Early Childhood Education (Child Care Answers); Cassie Miller, Bachelor of Science-Elementary Education (Federal Center); Ana Maria Romero*, CDA (State Center); and Marissa Williams CDA (Northwest Center) *indicates they are pictured in this photo

Day Nursery Indianapolis Staff Promotions

These staff members were recognized for Staff Promotions: Keah Hilderbrand , Lead Teacher (Avon Center); Tomi Lessaris*, Lead Teacher (IU Health Center); Kia Fears, Lead Teacher (IU Health Center); Marissa Williams, Lead Teacher (Northwest Center); Natalie Wiseman, Lead Teacher (Northwest Center); Asia Carter, Lead Teacher (Lilly Center); Ana Maria Romero*, Lead Teacher (State Center); Ashleigh Smith, Lead Teacher (State Center); Dorresa Thomas, Lead Teacher (State Center); Sylvia Harris*, Administration (Child Care Answers); René Withers*, Coaching Coordinator (Child Care Answers); and Charity Jablonski, Center Director (IU Health Center) *Indicates they are included in this picture

Joslyn Hurm Sullivan

Joslyn Hurm Sullivan was honored for 10 years of service to Day Nursery, most recently with our Child Care Answers program. She arrived after the group picture was taken.

Charity Jablonski

Charity Jablonski was honored at the Day Nursery Annual Meeting for her promotion to Day Nursery IU Health Center Director.

Day Nursery Avon Center preschoolers learn through sensory table

Day Nursery preschoolers learning while using sensory tableMatt Miller, lead teacher of the 3 year olds of our Day Nursery Hendricks County Early Learning Center in Avon shared some pictures today of his preschoolers using their new sensory table apparatus.  Here’s a little bit more info from Mr. Matt about how it works and the benefits the children receive when working with it.  It’s basically a long chute running from a tall sensory table down to a lower sensory table. The material used is a combination of shucked corn and black beans. Not only is it a fun sensory activity, it’s also a great way to explore slopes, gravity and cause-and-effect. We also practiced many great fine motor and gross motor activities such as pouring the material from a pitcher into a bottle and carrying a bucket full of the mixture from the lower table back up to the higher table! Here’s a link to the blog that inspired our design. The blogger, Tom, has tons of sensory table ideas along with information about what skills the children are developing within the activity. Preschool sensory table in Day Nursery classroom

Thankful Thursday: Day Nursery Auxiliary

Thank you to the Day Nursery Auxiliary and the sponsors of their 24th Annual Luncheon and Style Show–Appnuity, Digestive Health Center, Hylant Group, Key Bank, Ogletree Deakins, and U.S. Foods. Together, they raised more than $22,500 to help support Day Nursery Association. Special thanks to our event co-chairs, B.J. Maley and Shirley Romine and our fashion vendors The Secret Ingredient and Blue Eyes and Bare FeetHere are some pictures from the October 5, 2012 event.