Week of the Young Child: Day Nursery Federal Center

All week the Day Nursery Federal Center has encouraged families to come read to their child’s class as part of our Week of the Young Child celebration.  Fatimah’s father came to read The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle to the Toddler 3’s class today.  Fatimah wore her Hungry Caterpillar dress yesterday for Book Character Day, and the pair passed out Hungry Caterpillar stickers to the class as well.  The class was very engaged in the story, and wanting to know if the Caterpillar’s tummy hurt, sharing what things they like to eat, and counting the number of things he ate.

fatimah's dadfatimah's dad 2

6 responses to “Week of the Young Child: Day Nursery Federal Center

  1. That is my niece! Thank you for reporting on this. Looks like a fun day.

  2. That is the world’s cutest little munchkin, and her very devoted daddy.

  3. This is my sweet grand daughter. I miss her so much.

  4. Heneca Sarberger

    I am an unrelated reader and would like to comment un-biasedly that this student seems like she will be very successful, her father seems quite devoted and loving and both of them are well dressed for the occasion. Great book!

    • Hehe, I bet you’re right, Heneca, about the student being very successful one day 🙂 The name Heneca Sarberger sounds almost as cool as the name Seneca Harberger…almost.

  5. Awwww, how cute!!!! Many thanks to Ms. Sarah, Ms. Nicole, and Ms. Kesha for posting this.

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