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Day Nursery Ft. Harrison infants explore technology

From playing games to creating group artwork pictures to watching baby friendly You Tube videos like “Twinkle Twinkle” and “If You Are Happy and You Know It,” the infants at the Day Nursery Ft. Harrison center get excited-squealing and moving toward teacher Lisa Douglass when she brings out  the classroom’s HP Touch Pad.  Before the year is out,  every Day Nursery classroom will have  a tablet computer which will allow the teacher to expand the classroom resources based on the interests of the current group of students.

Day Nursery teachers are life long learners

Day Nursery Winter Teacher Institute January 2011

Linda Noble rolls a ball across the floor to model the movements that accompany a song which helps infants and toddlers develop hand-eye coordination, memory recall, and social-emotional skills.

This winter,  Day Nursery teachers are participating in a workshop, presented by Linda Noble of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, to learn more about Making Music in the Early Childhood Classroom. Linda has been a member of the early learning staff of the Symphony since 1996.  The three-hour session models age-appropriate lessons using music that will support students’ development of critically important skills including listening, following directions, taking turns and participating as a group.   Thanks to Patty Fisher, Day Nursery Director of Curriculum for snapping this picture. During the course of the Day Nursery winter institute “Making Music in the Early Childhood Classroom,” 120 lead and assistant teachers will be trained, which in turn will impact  1,350 Day Nursery children a year. The training is generously underwritten by the PNC Foundation which is committed to funding educational and developmental opportunities that improve the school readiness of underserved children.