Day Nursery IU Health preschoolers explore nature

Ms. Cyndi and Ms. Brenda’s Preschool II class at the Day Nursery IU Health Early Care and Education Center found this creature on their playground and captured it with a plastic jar. This is what the children had to say about the bug which they later found out is called a Dobson Fly.  It was about 6 inches long.  Thanks to Ms. Charity for sharing the picture and the documentation of the comments made by our student scientists.

Ruby— “The big bug has pinchers.”

Kristopher– “It has wings.”

De’Andre “It flies.”

Hailey– “I has a lot of legs….16.”

Noah– “That bug tried to get my face.”

Aiden– “Sometimes they like to play around.”

Molly– “We saw the big bug on the sidewalk and Ms. Natasha got it for us.”

Sean– “I think it eats grass.”

Genesys– “We can put it in the thing we had for our worms.”

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