Day Nursery Friday Faces: Lemonade Day

Teachers and students at all 7 Day Nursery Centers said they really enjoyed the Lemonade Day experience from start to finish this year. At our Ruth A. Lilly Center on Central Avenue, Lemonade Day wasn’t over when the last cup was sold. The students in the preschool classrooms couldn’t wait to give back their proceeds to the Indianapolis community. I hope you can see in today’s Friday Faces  how Lemonade Day planted the seeds of philanthropy in our students.

Thanks to teacher Marti Gough at Day Nursery Ruth A. Lilly Center for sharing this picture of her preschool students presenting a donation of $121.45 from their Lemonade Day Indianapolis earnings to the Mozel Sanders Foundation which feeds 40,000 on Thanksgiving each year.

Day Nursery Ruth A. Lilly Center teacher Sara McHenry and one of her three-year old students made a presentation recently to Tracie from Project Home. The three’s class donated their $183.59 lemonade day proceeds to Project Home. This will buy the girls living at the home a dresser and a night stand.

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