Mind In the Making

If you didn’t get a chance to join us Thursday night to hear Ellen Galinsky

We had a great turnout of Day Nursery parents

Teacher Nelia Raine of the Day Nursery IU Health Center gets her copy of Mind In The Making autographed after the talk.

Day Nursery Director of Curriculum Jesse McCloud shares a story with Ellen after the event.

speak about her new book, Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs, I would encourage you to visit her website and sign up for The Daily Child.  Her short emails are packed full of great ideas for interactions you can start with your child today on your drive home.  Here’s an example:

Play Games That Ask Children to Find Their Way in Spaces

When you are driving somewhere, have older children help track where you are going either by using a map or, if you have one, by a GPS system. With younger children, you can narrate your navigation: “Now we’ll drive down this street until we see your preschool on the left, and we’ll turn left into the parking lot. That will be in one, two, three blocks.”

Visit the Mind in the Making website today to sign up.

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