PNC employees volunteer to help Indianapolis children Grow Up Great

This year, thousands of PNC employees from across the country will enter local early childhood education centers and programs to interact with children, teach financial literacy seminars, assist with site renovations and accomplish much more. Today, at the Day Nursery Ruth A. Lilly Center, 3522 N. Central Avenue, we were lucky to benefit from this giant wave of volunteerism as area PNC employees kicked off local projects to help Indianapolis children Grow Up Great. Today eleven volunteers spent 4 hours bagging leaves and preparing the center’s two playgrounds for the return of spring. After a tour of the center to meet the children and staff, the volunteers headed outside. Part of the work today included preparing the earth for the children’s vegetable garden.  Volunteers promised the children they would be back to help them launch their annual garden after the last freeze of the season.

Grow Up Great is PNC’s unprecedented 10-year, $100 million investment designed to help prepare young children, from birth to age five, for school and life.  This long-term commitment promises to bring volunteers to all of our seven Day Nursery locations.

Through the program—which started in 2004—PNC is working to improve the lives of children and their families as well as strengthen communities. To reach this goal, PNC is investing both financial support and time from employee volunteers—a major key to Grow Up Great’s success.

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