Day Nursery preschoolers have SNOW much fun!

children playing in snowChildren from the Preschool 5 classroom at the Day Nursery Start Smart 4 Children at Ft. Harrison took a brief trip to the playground this morning to take in the sunshine and a little fresh air. It is important for children to have daily opportunities to use large muscle skills, learn about outdoor environments, and express themselves freely and loudly.

Don’t tell the children, but while they are having fun outside, they are also learning key content and principles of science such as Earth and sky (e.g. seasons, weather, geologic features, light and shadow, sun, moon, and stars); structure and property of matter (e.g. characteristics that include concepts like hard and soft, floating and sinking) and behavior of materials (e.g. transformation  of liquids and solids by dissolving or melting).  Today’s snow play is a great example of learning life’s lessons through play.

One response to “Day Nursery preschoolers have SNOW much fun!

  1. Hello !
    I am a day nurse in the netherlands and I loved your pictures in the snow ! Nice website, goodluck !

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