Day Nursery center at Ft. Harrison will be closed today

I have just been notified that our Ft. Harrison Center will not open today because the DFAS Center at Ft. Harrison is closed. They own our building and do the maintenance so when they close, we have to close. If you are a customer of our Ft. Harrison Center and need care today, please call 409-6830 and we will help you make arrangements at another Day Nursery Center.

4 responses to “Day Nursery center at Ft. Harrison will be closed today

  1. I am a very concern parent; that supports Day Nursery. I really do not understand why you will open your building. You are placing staff and their children at risk. The streets and side streets are really bad; and I am really concern for these children and staff. Do they understand that by noon today; there will be more bad weather that is worse than the one today. Well, my prayer is going out to those workers that place themselves in harms way.

  2. Thank you for your comments and for reading our blog. We are monitoring the weather and we will adjust our status as necessary.

  3. Some of us have no chioce when we can go to work or not. In healthcare we are there for our patients no matter what the weather. I AM THANKFUL THAT MY DAYCARE IS OPEN!!

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