Friendly football wager renewed with Day Nursery in East Orange NJ

Martin's Big Words book cover

Just got confirmation last night that we have officially renewed our friendly football wager with the Community Day Nursery in East Orange New Jersey for another year. Even though we share the same name, our centers are not affiliated. I found them through a search of NAEYC centers in New Jersey last year and we had so much with with it, I wanted to renew the connection.  Last year, thanks to a Colts victory,  we were the recipients of some awesome handmade multi-cultural puppets.  This year, the staff and children in New Jersey are offering 7 copies (for our 7 locations) of a beautiful book called Martin’s Big Words. Executive Director Kathy Burke sent me a picture of some of their students with the potential prize.  We are offering a box full of great race cars if we have to pay up.  Let the best team win!

Our friends at Community Day Nursery in New Jersey!

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