Thankful Thursday: Day Nursery teacher Barbara Murray

Barbara Murray

November is a good month to reflect on things in our life we are thankful for.  I’ve decided to dedicate Thursdays on the blog to things at work that I am thankful for.  Last week at the Day Nursery Association annual meeting, we recognized 20 employees for years of service including 11 with over 20 years dedicated to the children of Day Nursery.  That is a great accomplishment. In that group, with 21 years devoted to our agency, is teacher Barbara Murray from our Start Smart 4 Children center at Ft. Harrison.  For my first “Thankful Thursday” post, I would like to thank Barbara for always going the extra mile to be a creative and caring teacher.  For example, this summer, Barbara and her assistant teacher Marion Britton planned a week of lessons about manners.  meunLife skills are an important part of every day in a preschool classroom but this summer, the 4-year-olds at Day Nursery at Ft. Harrison took it up a notch. They learned how to set a proper table so they could do it at home.   The practiced how to meet and greet people and make introductions.  And for the finale, their classroom was transformed into a restaurant with  “fine dining” touches including (battery operated) candles on the table. We are thankful this Thursday for Day Nursery teacher Barbara Murray for all the special effort you put into your daily classroom activities.


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