A little bragging about our staff…

I want to share an excerpt of an email sent out today from Day Nursery Executive Director Carolyn Dederer to our staff and board of directors. The people we are saluting today are often behind the scenes at Day Nursery and don’t get much “face time” in our Early Edition blog. Way to go Mindy Bennett, Molly Manley, Larry Gist, Lynn Harris, Marsha Lindsey, Scott Seip, Pam Jacobs and Wanda Kaiser!

Dear Friends, I have to brag on all our staff who have received CLEAN AND PURE reports on two AUDITS this past week. The first is our overall Greenwalt CPA’s financial audit for Day Nursery Association and the second was the Dept. of Education’s CACFP Audit. (That is the one that inspects all of our free and reduced meals service both at the 100 plus child care homes through Child Care Answers.) The Department of Ed audit was even a surprise one and staff rose to the occasion and passed with flying colors!

These squeaky clean results have a huge impact on our reputation and on our ability to generate funding from outside sources so we take them very seriously. I am very proud of every one of our very hard-working and skilled professionals. Cheers all around!!










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