Prize puppets delight Day Nursery children

As we head toward the big game this Sunday, I wanted to share with you a picture of the puppets we won in our wager with Community Day Nursery in East Orange NJ over the Colts-Jets game. Since we have 7 locations, it was hard to decide which classroom should get these very special puppets so we may have to purchase some more so everyone can enjoy them.  Today I visited our Indiana State Government Center location for their Colts parade and presented three puppets to the Twos II room lead by teachers Ms. Patricia and Ms. Nikki.  They were just sitting down to story time when I arrived so Ms. Patricia quickly incorporated the puppets into her story. The puppets were created by dollmaker Ida Clowney, who, in addition to being a talented seamstress, also performs as rag doll clown Miz Happi.  If you would like to get in touch with Ida about getting some of these puppets for yourself, she can be reached at Our thanks go out to Kathy Burke, Executive Director of Community Day Nursery for sending us six of these adorable handmade puppets.  It was fun to make some new friends in the early childhood community and we were especially thrilled to find out that Community Day Nursery was founded in 1897 which makes them even older than we are, which makes us both part of a very special group of early childhood professional!

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  3. Hope to see Ida Clowney again, very soon. She’s such a treat & help.

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