Federal Center preschoolers reach out to children in Haiti

Sarah Parks, Center Director at the Day Nursery Federal Center downtown is so proud of her preschoolers.  She sent me a note this morning promoting a bake sale coming up on Friday. She also sent me a note from preschool teachers Shirley Williams and Tamika Harvey with the story behind the idea for the bake sale. I am happy to pass it on to you in their words.

 During circle time one of our Pre-K children shared with the class that she saw an earthquake on TV. Another boy piped up to say all the children’s toys, schools, and houses were gone. The children were very concerned about the children not having schools or toys. We asked the children how they thought they could help those children. One boy suggested they give the children of Haiti the money in their Giving Jar. All of the children agreed and are excited to share their money with the children of Haiti. The children are planning a Bake Sale this Friday January 29th to add money to their giving jar. The proceeds will be given to the Financial Center Federal Credit Union since they are matching donations from their members.

If you happen to visit the IRS Tax Assistance Office, the Social Security Administration or the Veterans Administration service center Friday afternoon, stop by the bake sale in the lobby. The sale starts (after nap time!) at 3:30.

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