This week’s football wager pits books against puppets

Last week we made a fun wager with a Day Nursery in Baltimore over the Colts and Ravens game.  Since we are on a winning streak (although we have yet to hear when we will receive our prize of a tub of Legos), I thought it would be fun to find another opponent.

I turned to the NAEYC website in search of an accredited Day Nursery in the area of the New York Jets fan base and I quickly found a match. Our opponent this week is the Community Day Nursery of East Orange, New Jersey.   After reviewing their website, the Community Day Nursery appears to be a worthy opponent.  We are both United Way agencies.  We are both nationally accredited by NAEYC and we both started serving families in our respective communities before the turn of the century: Community Day Nursery in 1897 and Day Nursery Indianapolis in 1899. Kathy Burke, Executive Director of the Community Day Nursery was quick to answer my email challenge over the game.   Her response? We will bet you five handmade African-American hand puppets that the Jets will win! On behalf of Day Nursery Indianapolis I had already put up an ante of five of our favorite preschool books should we have to pay off the wager. Either way, the children win and that is what Day Nursery is all about.  No matter who you root for.

One response to “This week’s football wager pits books against puppets

  1. Helena L. Branch

    I am the President of the Board of Trustees for Community Day Nursery, E.O. and I heartily agree with Kathy. The Jets will be the AFL Champs by the end of Sunday. We look forward to reading the books.

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