Tip for traveling with small children

Merry go round horseThis may seem a bit obvious, but I think it is worth mentioning as we head into vacation season. If you’re traveling to a place where it’s possible your child might become separated from you, such as a large amusement park, be sure to take a photo of your child every day before you enter the park. You’ll then have an image of what the child is wearing, should you need one. At the time you take the picture, I also suggest asking your child to look at you and say aloud what color you are wearing so they will have a mental picture of what to look for if they get separated from you in a crowd. When my children were very young and we visited large amusement parks I often wrote my cellphone number on their hand in ballpoint pen. Thank goodness we never had to put that safety plan into action! My oldest Day Nursery kid is heading off to college this fall. Perhaps it is time to put that plan into action again.

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